Grafenwöhr (Northern Bavarian: Groafawehr) is a town in the district of Neustadt an der Waldnaab, in the region of the Upper Palatinate (German: Oberpfalz) in eastern Bavaria, Germany. It is widely known for the United States Army military installation and training area, called Grafenwoehr Training Area (Tower Barracks), located directly south and west of the town.


  1. I was stationed with the 82nd Combat Engineering Battalion at Warner Barracks in 1967-1968. Came down on levy for Vietnam three times as ny brother was there untill March of 68. The last go a round I was told Iwas to short in time.
    I loved the food in Germany, and I enjoyed the beer as well. We spent a month on the Rhine river practicing to build a float brigde at Lieheim. We also went to Danube City and built a float bridge there as well. Grafenwohr was a place to build things Due to lack of training funds we built a road for the Germans through a forested area at Graf. I didn’t care much for Hoenfelds so much the buildings were either cold or hot during the seasons.

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