10 thoughts on “BARTON BARRACKS

  1. I was stationed here in 1984-85. Member of the outstanding Ansbach Jazz basketball team that had a record of 44-4. Awesome experience.

      1. I was right next door at HHB 2/57. There from 79 to 82. I worked out at the BOC tac site

        1. David, I have been trying to locate the BOC TAC Site for a Project several of us have been working on. I was at A-4/57, 2/57from Jan 70-Jan 73. Do you remember where the BOC was located? I think it was at Katterbach, or close by. Please repond to jddihwrr@hotmail.com. We are on a FB Group, HAWK ADA, and would like you to join. Thank You, SSG Jerry Dukes(RET).

  2. I was stationed at Barton barracks 1981-82 great little town I enjoyed my time there met a lot of great people Mickey Verrillo

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