This site welcomes all former military personnel and dependents once stationed here.  Keeping the place alive with our stories, memories and photos.  Feel free to leave your thoughts and memories in our guest book and message board.

Many units passed through these gates while it was open.  Like the 2nd Bn 81st Armor, 1st Bn. 46th Infantry, 1st Bn 35th Armor, 46th Medical Unit, 3rd Bn 37th Armor, 2nd Bn 50th Infantry, 81st Field Artillery, 83rd Field Artillery, 2nd Bn 70th Armor, 2nd Bn 6th Infantry, 1st Bn 30th Infantry, 3rd Bn 34th Armor, 1st Bn 30 Artillery, 2nd Bn 37th Armor, 501st MP Company and a platoon from the 630th MP Company of the 793rd MP Bn, 47th Forward Support Battalion, 123rd Maint Bn, HHC 2nd Bde, 1st Battalion 94th Field Artillery, 16th Engineer Bn, 4/70th Armor and the 529th Ordnance Company.

Some of the older units there during the 50’s and 60’s were the 720th Field Artillery Battalion, 5th Bn. 73rd Artillery, 43rd AA, 126th Ordnance Company, 1/36 Field Artillery, 48th Anti-Aircraft-Artillery Bn.  599th Artillery,  516th Searchlight Bn, 30th FA Bn, 485th Combat Engineers, 237th Combat Engineers, 120th Medical Dispensary, one platoon from the 144th Signal Battalion and one platoon from the 504th S&T.

Ferris Barracks was named in honor of 2LT Jeffery C. Ferris.  A member of the 2nd Field Artillery Battalion, 1st Infantry Division.  Lt. Ferris  was killed at Tunisia during World War II.  The units at Ferris Barracks have changed often.  On 28 June 1994, Ferris Barracks was closed and officially turned over to the German Government. 

“Ferris Barracks may be gone, but we can keep it alive with our stories, 
memories and photos.”      James Temperly  (Quote from Old Guest Book)



  • Ferris Barracks NCO Club
  • Klee Blatt
  • Goldener Hecht
  • Georges
  • Edelweis
  • B-52 
  • Strohalm Music Keller
  • Flamingo EM Club
  • SeeSums @ Erlangen University  
  • Bogarts
  • Genesis
  • Cheers
  • Moms by the Bahnhof
  • Whiskey A Go Go




29 thoughts on “FERRIS BARRACKS

  1. HHC 1/46 Infantry, Medical Platoon, 1972-1974
    120th Medical Detachment (Post Dispensary), 1974 – 1978

    Best duty assignment I had during my career. Did not want to leave! Still in touch with a few of my friends from my time there. Was stationed at the 98th General Hospital (Nurnberg Hospital) in 1983 and took a trip back to Erlangen. So much had changed since I left in 1978. Incredible memories that I will never forget.

    Ellen Ferris, if you read this I have thought of you often. I hope you had a great life!

  2. D 123rd Maintenance 79-82 Ferris Barracks, Erlangen Armorer, NBC NCO, Mail Clerk

  3. Clarence (ART) Murphy
    HHC2/37 Armor
    The M48 Gasers were on the parade field leaving when I got there.. new M60s were in the MP

    And worked at the skating rink off duty..

    1. Did you know Douglas “Shorty” Morrow? Shorty worked at the skating rink for most of most of the 70s.

    1. Did you know Douglas “Shorty” Morrow? Shorty worked at the skating rink for of most of the 70s.

    2. Sorry Steven, my reply below was meant for another comment. I was a Medic in Co B 1/46 Infantry in 1972. The CO was CPT. Chamberlin and I believe the First Sergeant was 1SG Jordan.

  4. Hdqrs Company 1st Battalion 35th Armor 1969-71. LTC Solomon and CSM Harry Brandt

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