1. Dear Mr. Pierce,
    I like your Website , really much! I allready came once across it! But some how I sadly had to find out it was not any longer avaliable! Which was pretty sad!
    Cause for me, as a German who grew up arround Feucht Airfield and amongst Americans and made a lot of friends there, which I still in touch with and used to have one of my best times with, back than in the days, in the 80tys till the end of the Airfield in the beginning 90tys, this was a webside, I even could find other former GI’s , who I came across!
    I really would apriciate, if you could run the Website again! That would be wounderful!
    I hope to hear from you!
    Take care Hubert Scharrer,
    called Hupsi by the Americans!

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