Herzo Base was built in the 1930’s as an airfield for the German Air Force called the Luftwaffe.  Their mission was to train pilots for the Luftwaffe.

At the end of World War Two the ASA moved into the kaserne in 1947.

The kaserne is no longer open.  The place was turned back over to the German Government.  Most of the older buildings have been torn down.

This part of the website is being built to provide  former and present military personnel and their dependents that were once stationed at Herzo Base at Herzogenaurach, Germany a place to get in contact with each other, their German friends and share their comments and  photos.   Herzogenaurach residents and the people of the surrounding area are welcome also.

“Herzo Base may be gone, but we can keep it alive with our stories, photos and by sharing our memories”


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