The buildings that would be named Johnson Barracks were taken by the US Army in May of 1945 and named in memory of Pvt Eldon H. Johnson, a member of the 15th Infantry, 3rd Infantry Division.   Pvt Johnson was killed in action June 1944 near Valmontone, Italy.

From 1970 until 1992 The 16th Engineer Battalion occupied Johnson Barracks, at which time the unit moved to Bamberg and like all the rest of the military kasernes in the Nürnberg Area the buildings were given back to the German Government.

Nothing is left of the former Johnson Barracks.  The buildings are no longer there.   The only thing that remains is one warehouse.  The place that used to be Johnson Barracks is now filled with car lots, and other businesses.

This part of the website is being built to provide  former and present military personnel and their dependents that were once stationed at Johnson Barracks a place to get in contact with each other, their German friends and share their comments and  photos.   Fürth residents and the people of the surrounding area are welcome also.

“Johnson Barracks may be gone, but we can keep it alive with our stories, photos and by sharing our memories”


34 thoughts on “JOHNSON BARRACKS

    1. Please anyone responding here let us know your time of service at Johnson Barracks. Thousands of us have transitioned though Johnson Barracks over at least a 30, maybe 40 year time period.

      1. Does anybody know the men in the near of Frankfurt or Wiesbaden? Please contact me immately, it is very important. Or at the Air Base in Rammstein?




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        1. I was at Johnson Barracks from October 1978 -October 1980
          I was in Echo Co.
          I was a 63 B.
          I was Pvt & to Spc.
          What news you got?
          Gregory Jackson
          334 ) 718 – 0632

  1. At the time I was a very young E3 with a wife and newborn son. There was no housing for us so we had to find quarters on the German economy, which is how I came to spend six months living with a German family. They owned one floor of a multi storied apartment complex. We had our own bedroom and living room but shared everything else with our hosts, to include bathroom and kitchen. It was an eyeopening experience for a 18 year old kid from the suburbs of California. We would eat together most nights with me speaking no German and only the youngest son of our hosts speaking broken English. It was an experience I appreciate to this day.

  2. I was stationed here from 1966 to 1968. It was then home to the 24th Engr. Battalion (Combat), 4th Armored Division. HQ Co, A Co, B Co, C Co, D Co, & E Co. E Co was a mobile bridge company. I was in HQ Co in the Combat Engineer Vehicle platoon (CEV, a modified M60A1 Tank).

  3. Hey guys,

    Does anyone have any photos from 1971? My father was a sergeant in Charlie Company. Combat Engineer.

    1. Are you talking about a photo inside a building because the third guy from the end top row his name was Hugo Zamora

  4. Hello, I such for a boy friend in the past his name is Robert Jackson. He was in his young life in a military camp near Trier. Do anybody know him or which casern building in Kaiserslautern has an military office service? It is possible that he worked there. He was born in Georgia and have a small son by himself. Please for further information contact me by email:
    He had seen him the last time in 2019 at a party in Frankfurt by the hootchiecootchieclub.
    Thank you for further information.

  5. I was stationed there from 79 to 81 . C Co. Would love to here from some of my old friends

    1. Hi
      I’m Gregory Jackson. Was at Johnson Barracks from Oct 1978 -Oct 1980
      I was in Echo Co. I was a wheeled Veh Mechanic
      Our Co drove the MABS to bridge the rivers!
      Furth and Nuremberg was so good during those days!

      Do you remember the big drug bust in front of HQ for all the units! MPs and sniffer dogs!

      1. Yep I was there too. I remember the formation just before and the LTC saying “This is a bust” I was in HQ-S2 78 to 81

      2. I am Harry Myers I do remember the big drug bust. I was also a 63 Brovo in E company with Spellman as Sargent..I am trying to remember you but I am have a hard time…anyways I am glad I found this site

        1. That was long after my time there. I know nothing of any drug bust. Like I said, I was stationed there from 1966 to 1968. Not a drug free zone back then but certainly no big drug ring operating out of there.

          1. To: Harry Myers, I also had Spellman as Motor Sargent and Platoon Sgt Also, Sgt Freeeman, Sgt Kerkstetter, I was in the motor pool! Drove the Mess truck when we went to the field. October 1978 – October 1980

            Pfc Gregory Jackson, at that time! Text -334 ) 718 0632

            Sent from my iPhone


            1. Pulled a shitload of KP and guard duty at Johnson until I made E5. Freezing winters training at Grafenwoehr and Hohenfels. Horribly hot summers there too. Forever train trips getting our CEV to those training areas. Actually derailed a train once getting loaded up on flat cars. Krauts were really pissed. In the mid 60’s their losing the war was still fresh in their minds. They did not like us much, at least not until you got close to the East German Border, or the Czech border. Those folks knew why we were there and showed their appreciation. Folks in Furth & Nuremberg, not at all. Of course the typical American soldiers arrogance didn’t help relations with the local krauts.

              I lived with a kraut family in the middle of downtown Nuremberg (inside the old walled city) for six months. Actually quite nice folks. They had some Great War stories to share, especially the father. He was shot by the Soviets and by the Americans. His opinion of the Soviets was not nice. All of them “No Better Than Dogs” as he called them.

        2. To: Harry Myers,
          I also had Spellman as Motor Sargent and Platoon Sgt
          Also, Sgt Freeeman, Sgt Kerkstetter,
          I was in the motor pool!
          Drove the Mess truck when we went to the field.
          October 1978 – October 1980

          Pfc Gregory Jackson, at that time!
          Text -334 ) 718 0632

        3. What were the dates that you were assigned?
          ( Do you remember the Black dude, 63 B also nicknamed “Snake “
          Also, 63 B , Richard Rittari
          We had great guys during those years

        4. Harry, did you have black hair??
          Our PLL clerk, was a black dude with big Afro compressed down under his hat!!!

          1. I don’t know if anything I am sending from reply in my email is going through..I do remember Eddie..snake..Shadwick we shared a two man room untill I left..I am thinking the PLL clerk was Blake..memory isn not that good I was going through a bunch of pictures this morning trying to remember all the names..not having any luck..both my unit photos were destroyed in a flood..also been trying to find someone who has those pictures 1979 and 1980. I do have black hair..I am white..

            1. Hi Harry,
              Yes, we were definitely there together at the same time!
              Yes, it was Eddie Shedwick( 63B also
              Blake, PLL clerk, Sp 5
              I was only 17 years old Pvt
              I think you got there as a Sp 4
              We had one Gamma goat always broke down and deadlined due to tailgate seal and couldn’t swim it!
              McClendon was the driver and Commo guy
              I’m in Alabama now! Where are you living!!
              Snake used to run the pool table in day room !!!
              My email-
              Cell # 334 ) 718 -0632

            2. Harry,
              This Jackson, yesIm getting your replies Thru this notice board, but feel free to text me and email at

              Can you send some of those pics that you have?
              I’ve some pics in storage, I think!
              Where you living??

  6. Hi
    I was assigned to 16th Engr Bn. Echo Co. From
    October 1978-October – 1980
    I am Gregory Jackson, a wheel Veh mechanic at the time !
    I was 17/18 years old!
    Motor Sgt was SSG Spellman
    We had the MABs in our Co.

      1. Hello do you have some actually information for me in the year of 2019 and 2020? Please contact me via email for further information and to send a photo of the person who was missed!

  7. Johnson Barracks 16th Engineer Bn was my 1st duty assignment from 1978 to 1983. I am one of the Admins on FB group page. I really enjoyed the pictures…. We have allot of pictures posted in our group page that we share. I would love to add some to your site.

      1. Hi I was in Echo co. from Oct 1978 – Oct 1980 I don’t have any pics Was a wheel Veh mechanic 63 B

        I was there when the post commander called a BN formation and then the MPs with dogs came in and busted a bunch of soldiers!!

        I’m here at Ft Rucker, ALABAMA Take care

        Sent from my iPhone


    1. Hi
      I don’t have Facebook, but any way to send to my email?
      Gregory Jackson
      334) 718 0632

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