The US Army named the barracks “Monteith Barracks” and operated the airfield as Army Airfield (AAF). In the 1980s the site was reduced to a heliport (Army Heliport AHP). In 1993, the US troops left the site, which also ended the use for aviation.


4 thoughts on “MONTEITH BARRACKS

  1. My name is Glen Greenwell. I served at Monteith Kaserne from 1959 until April, 1962. I served in the 14th Field Artillery Battalion (105 mm totes), 4th Armored Division and I was in artillery, surveying in GALO positions. Loved being there. As I remember, the airfield was for flying support FO’s for the artillery units. There was also an armored battalion there. Our training areas were Vilsek and Grafenwier, (spellings may not be quite correct), but the back of the Kaserne was always open and after duty, we would all go out back and have a beer (and there was always plenty of that), at one of the local farming villages. This was only 15 years after the war had ended, and the memories of that were still very alive in the minds of the Germans who survived. Nonetheless, we were well tolerated, and the citizens there always wanted our coffee and cigarettes., which were always much better than the local offerings.

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