Pinder Barracks was occupied by US Forces from 1945 to 1995. Pinder has been torn down (minus the tower and guard house) and new construction is underway for the new Pinder Park.


6 thoughts on “PINDER BARRACKS

    1. Was Col Dubia’s secretary from 1987 – 1989. Worked in the command hqts near the tower.

  1. I was at Pinder Barracks from mid 1980 until mid 1984. HHB then moved to SVC Btry 6/14FA

  2. I worked for Col Dubia and Major Maples at Pinder from 1986 – 1988 as the executive secretary with Uschi next door. My husband was stationed at 1/1 Cav in Schwabach. Does anyone know whatever happened to Col Dubia or Major Maples – I am sure they retired with several stars on their collars.

  3. I was here from 1948 till 1952. There was a swimming pool in the motor pool area. There still was WW2 german army wall lockers They were very good. and we found german manuals on the top floors. We could not go into german public places like the gastehauses until sep of 49.I also was in the barracks to the right of the tower .

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