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  1. Hello, do anybody know a soldiers who was called Steven Larry? or Robert Jackson? I searched for the persons a long time. Thank you for your reply via Email, if someone have some information for me.

  2. I have a question: Is it possible that a soldier was kidnapped in Syrian and the kidnapper will have money from the wive otherwise they will killed him and if he inform the us army they also will killed him? The Army don’t know where our soldiers work and go around a war zone? Thank you for further information via email.

  3. Me originally from Jersey Shore arrived in Germany back in the summer of 93′. I was stationed at Darby Kaserne from 93′ till late 95′ then moving up to Schweinfurt for my last year in the military. In Fürth, I was in the 218th MP Co with HQ out of Augsburg. I was the last MP patrolling Ferris Barracks in Erlangen and the last 3 patrolling Darby. I married a German, raised 3 kids and stayed in Germany. Schöne Grüße aus Mittelfrankend und Prost an alle.

  4. Hi all, LTC (R) Rick Williams stationed at 1/1 Cav, A and B Troops 1985 – 1989. Col Meigs, Cpt Moyer, Pope, Rossi and 1Lt Dan Bowen, Todd Kilmer, etc. PCS’d prior to Katterbach move.

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